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Dongguan Ruiquan Heat Transfer Technology Co., LTD is a company who is specialized in R&D and manufacturing of many kinds of copper and aluminum heat sinks. The company founded in 2003, and located in Dongguan City, Shipai Town which is near the Pearl River delta development center. During the past 13 years, our company has been keeping forward to strengthen constantly the competition of hardware and software together with the construction of teamwork and the improvement of manufacturing skills.

So far, Ruiquan company has had a group of experienced and qualified technicians and managers in thermal conduction industry, providing a full set of processing service for our clients, which includes R&D of products, the design and making of mould, the manufacturing of products as well as their surface treatments. Our company’s main products are aluminum extrusion heat sink, cold forging heat sink, heat dissipation module and various kinds of CNC copper and aluminum processing products, all of which are wildly used in all kinds of electronics industry such as computer, television sets, power amplifier, freezer, electrical welding machine, LED lights, charging pile etc.

We have been trying our best to control the quality and according to customers’ demand and have launched a series of optimized design scheme to solve all the problems that our clients concern about,which makes our company a well-known heat sink supplier respected by our clients.

The only one way for the enterprise development is to guarantee employees to achieve a high income. In the fierce market competition, Ruiquan constantly adjust the development direction of the company and improve it’s manufacturing?technique, which builds a solid foundation for the company to expand market share, achieving high quality products and high demand from our clients. Cold forging is a precision forming technology (cold forging), and when comparing to aluminum extrusion heat sink, integrated cold-forging pressing heat sink that Ruiquan produce has incomparable advantages with the characteristics of well-cooling performance and good appearance, as well as high productivity. Therefore, Ruiquan took the lead in bringing in forging equipment of 1500T,1000T,650T,and 300T. Innovation and quality is the basis of company development, our company imported CNC lathe with series of 850,750 model to improve subsequent processing facilities. As for the quality assurance and management, our company has quantified the specific quality management objectives: Customer satisfaction >=99%; on-time delivery>=98%;customer complaint at most once a quarter. Routine inspection qualified rate at 100%. Our company adheres to service purpose to “meet the customers’ requirements, innovate consistently, reduce the thermal resistance, improve product quality and extend lifetime of product, and we have gained the certification of ISO9001-2008 quality control system. We are devoted ourselves to optimize scheme and lower the cost for our clients, and improve quality and service, which has won the high praise of majority of customers like werchuangli, xingxing,ruiling, zhengling, Columbia-starve, magemit ,jingchen, yujia yihen ,xianma etc. Moreover, our company ?has?repeatedly?been?rated as excellent supplier.

Developing upon employees, for employees, and to share results with employees, our company insists on common prosperity route, being committed to the enterprise culture construction, transferring the concept of “create together, share together and enjoy together” to employees. Thus build a employee team with condensation of power. We regard “Integrity, responsibility, innovation, teamwork as our constant goal, and cherish the environment, return to social, care for employees’ development as our social responsibility. Finally, Ruiquan will be glad to work with new and old customers to create a better future.

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